Special activities

Experience something different during your wedding stay in Prague


Feel the power of a gun

Do you want to feel the power of .44 Magnum or .45 Automatic Colt Pistol? Or 12 gauge shotgun? Or semi auto AK47 Kalashnikov- the most popular gun ever? Choose between individual shooting or a small competition organized specially for your party where you can try 3 to 5 different guns. Winners will receive medals of course. No previous shooting experience is required, supervision of skilled instructors goes without saying.


Tandem parachuting

Taste the feeling of a real parachute

Taste the feeling of a real parachute. Without any risk try the free-fall see the world from a bird´s-eye view of about 4000 meters.

Get a certificate how brave you are. If you want to prove that even more, book a filming of the whole jump including preparation, the jump itself and landing. No previous experience or medical check-up is required, insurance is included.



Romance in the sky

Experience a real romance in the sky and fly together in a hot air balloon. Ballooning gives you a great possibility to see the world from a bird´s-eye perspective and to try something very uncommon, millions of people have flown in an airplane, but how many have tried balloon. For a memory of your flight you will get a special certificate.


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