Little fraction from what happy couples married with WiP- Weddings in Prague assistance wrote to us


Rupert + Vanda - Jindrisska tower 11.4.2017

Hi Ladka

I would like to just say again thank you so much for everything with the wedding organisation. We are so happy with how the whole day went and we couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts :-)

Eric + Jenny - Old Town Hall 23.6.2016

Hi Ladka,

The wedding was fantastic! Many thanks

Vadim + Victoria - Vrtba garden 25.9.2015

Dear Ladka,

Thank you so much for everything!

Vadim and Victoria

Matthew + Mercedes - Villa Richter 16.9.2015


Again I wanted to thank u for everything thewedding was amazing and all of us had a lot of fun

We could have not asked for anything better

Andrew + Katerina - Villa Richter 30.6.2015

Hi Ladka!

Thanks again for everything the wedding was a hit!  We're both very happy.

Andy and Kat


Olav + Marina - Old Town Hall 20.6.2015

Dear Ladka!

Thank you for all your help and for making our wedding day so great! We had a really wonderful and memorable day.

The album and pictures are beautiful. Please tell the photograher thank you from us as well.

And thank  you again for being our wedding planner! :)

Best regards,

Marina and Olav


Vair + Carey - Clementinum Mirror chapel 12.9.2014


Thank you very much for all your hard work to make our special day wonderful. Without you, our dream wedding would not have been possible.

All the best in the future,

Carey & Vair

Edward + Martina - St. Thomas church 15.8.2014

Hi Ladka

Many thanks for everything, we will forward a recommendation for your services to any potential couples,

Best regards

Ed and Martina

Arunas + Simona - Vrtba garden 9.8.2014

Thank you Ladka, for all what you did for us :-)


Jorgen + Maren - Stirin chateau 8.8.2014

Dear Ladka

Thank you for making our dream day perfect. We could not have asked for better service than what you provided. Not only were you proficient, but amazingly personable.

We, and all of our guests had a fabulous time!

Thank you so much!

Maren & Jorgen

Rolv + Inga - Clementinum  21.9.2013

Dear, Ladka

Thank you for a wonderful wedding. It exceeded all our expectations! All our guests had a wonderful time. This was epic! You have been the best wedding planner and we are so glad you got to join the party. And thank you for your beautiful gift. We will write a recommendation for your website when we get home to Oslo. We are looking forward to see the video and the pictures from this perfect day.

Say thank you to your husband. He did a great job!

You were the best!

All the best,

Inga and Rolv


Geoferey + Eija - Vrtba garden 5.7.2013


I can´t even express the way I feel what you did for us.. You are amazing...


Alexander + Olga - Old Town Hall 8.6.2013

Hello Ladka

I want to thank you once again for the great wedding in June in Prague! I think there would not be any other magic city for wedding than Prague.

Alexander from Berlin :)

Danijel + Ivana - Old Town Hall 14.12.2012

Dear Ladka

thank you so much on everything. Everything was really perfect. We were really happy with everything and we can tell you that was more then we expect. Photos were in our room at Saturday, like photographer told us. Pictures are also great. Thank you so much on your help and assistance

Best Regards

Ivana & Danijel

Blair + Jennifer - Old Town Hall 13.9.2012


Thank you for making our wedding day so special and beautiful. We will cherish the memories forever.



Robertinas + Odeta - St. Thomas church 17.8.2012

Dear Ladka

Once more we would like to thank you for a wonderful time we spend in Prague. We are really happy for all yours services you provided for our wedding occasion. We have recommended you and yours services to our travel agency in Lithuania as best choice for people wanting to have a wedding in foreign country.

Very best regards,

Odeta and Robertinas

Pavel + Anna - Zbiroh chateau 28.7.2012

Dear Ladka!

We would like to express our deepest Thanks for making our Wedding a dream come true! We would like to thank you for your professionalism, your amazing organizational skills and your unbelievable communication abilities! We had the BEST day of our lives and remember each and every single moment! Thank you once again for everything!

With Love,

Anna & Pavel

P.S. We have received our package and cannot get enough of our photos and video!

Michael + Kate - Old Town Hall 8.6.2012

Dear Ladka,

Thank you very much for all your kind help. You did a perfect job and made our day really special.

Kate and Michael

Bryan + Anastasia - Old Town Hall 18.11.2011

We would like to thank you again for organizing our wedding. For Anna and myself it was a wonderful experience that we will not forget. We would also like to thank your photographer for her excellent work, the pictures exceeded our expectations

Thank you again,

Bryan and Anastasia


Kai + Nicole - New Town Hall 27.10.2011

Dear Ladka

thank you very much. We wish you a wonderful Christmas time and all the best for you and your family in the New Year. Our time in Prague was great and we feel very happy to think back.

Nicole, Kai & Mia

Holger + Chieko - St. Nicholas church 24.9.2011

To Whom it May Concern

On September 24th 2011, we celebrated our wedding in Prague, Czech republic. Together with our families and friends, we first had a church ceremony, followed by a boat ride on the river Vltava, and a reception in a small castle in Prague.

During the time from June to the wedding, WiP worked for us as a Wedding Planner, from the beginning to the event itself and afterwards, all our experiences were only positive. The service provided was very helpful, professional, and always exactly what we were asking for. Especially Ms Ladka Masatova, our main contact person, as always available to answer all our questions, and helped us with any problem we encountered. She provided very useful contacts from her available network, be it wedding cake, photographer, DJ, invitation cards, venue tips, church arrangements, translation services, or other details. The meetings with her were always on the point, and gave us the good feeling that everything was under control, and that an experienced professional helped us. WiP from the beginning gave us a good estimation of the wedding costs, controlled these costs throughout the preparation, and we feel offered very good service for money.

We completely recommend WiP to anyone who is planning their wedding in Prague or the Czech Republic, especially if you are foreign to this country and the language. You can rely on their experience, friendliness, and dedication to make this day according to your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a written or verbal account of our wedding, the preparation, or experiences with WiP. We enjoy telling you all about it.

With best regards

Chieko & Holger


Andy + Irina - Stirin chateau 10.7.2010

Dear Ladka,

We would both like to thank you so much for the organisation of our wonderful wedding. We both were completely amazed by the day and never wanted it to end. It was a dream we wished for!

You worked more then just hard in creating the perfect day that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

Our ceremony in and around the grounds of the stunning Stirin Chateau was simply a movie shot, and until now we receive many comments and compliments on our choice of venue for our special day. The evening reception too was spectacular and the food absolutely lovely.

The boat cruise on the Vltava River in Prague was another element that made the day even more special, and memorable, particularly to many of our guests who only saw Prague for the first time during this trip.

During the ceremony we had the string duo, and a fantastic jazz band during the cruise, again helping to make the atmosphere fun and relaxed. They have been the talking point of our guests.

Everything went according to plan, including the weather (although perhaps a little hot), and words simply cannot describe the feeling of whole day, which ran perfectly and seamlessly and could not have been better in any way. All we wished is that the day had never ended. We remember every minute of it, and it was an absolute magical experience! So many people came back to us to thank for the most enjoyable day they have ever had.

Suffice to say we would most definitely recommend you and your team to any of your future clients.

Again, please convey our sincere thanks to everyone involved, and once again, thank you so much for all your help not only for the day itself but for your reassurances and support over the last year by email and by telephone, for sorting out all our documentation and paper work, and for your constant reminders that this day was about us and our love, and it definitely was!


Irina & Andy

(Canada, UK, Kuwait, etc)



we would again like to thank you so much for your tremendous hard work and effort that made our day so very special - it was a fantastic day, which we thoroughly enjoyed, and have received nothing but good reports from everyone who attended.

Once again, thanks for all your efforts, and as I think Irina mentioned to you before we left, the next time we are in Prague, the beers are on us......

All the best, and keep in touch.



Jarek + Justyna - Vrtba garden 7.5.2010

Dear Ladka

We´ve just come back home ... happy and ´married´:) Once again we would like to thank you for all your efforts to make our Wedding Day as special and memorable as possible - you did a superb job!! Thank you very much!

If you need any recommendation from us - just let us know, we´d be happy to provide it.

Best wishes from Warsaw

Justyna and Jarek


James + Kim - Old Town Hall 1.10.2009

Hi Ladka

We are in Budapest and finally have the opportunity to thank you very much for all your efforts in relation to our wedding. Prague is by far the most beautiful place we have visited and you made everything easy. Please feel free to give anyone else my email in relation to any enquiries and I will be more then happy to recommend WiP.

Again, thanks for absolutely everything, it was an amazing day.

Best wishes

James Meli


Shane + Clare - St. Thomas church 29.8.2009

Hi Ladka

So we are back to normal life now after a fantastic weekend in Prague, everyone we have spoken to really enjoyed the weekend and especially the wedding day.

Thanks once again for all your help and patience

Re Shane and Clare


Frank + Jenny - Vrtba garden 22.8.2009

To Ladka

This is just a quick note to thank you so much for making Frank + I´s special day extra special, we appreciated all that you did. Next time we are in Prague we will get in touch and hopefully catch up over a glass of wine.

Best wishes

Jenny + Frank Lewis


Richard + Alex - St. Thomas church 25.7.2009

Ladka and Jirka

Thanks for all your help and support in helping us arrange our wedding. You have really made it stress-free!


Alex and Richard


Simon + Becky - Old Town Hall 24.7.2009

Hi Ladka

Many thanks again for our ´perfect´ wedding. It was truly magnificent and we loved every minute thanks to your brilliant organisation!

Thanks Ladka

Becky Blades (WEST!)


Dan + Laila - Vrtba garden 23.5.2009

Hello Ladka,

Just wanted to send you an email and thank you for all the work you did for us before and during our wedding weekend! We are happy it all turned out so well and all our guests had a great time.

Best regards

Dan and Laila


Vincent + Hayley - Chateau hotel S.E.N. 20.9.2008

Hi Ladka,

We would both like to say again to you what a brilliant day it was for us and all our guests. You really made our day feel special and we are delighted that you and your husband were there to share it with us. The guests are still laughing at all the head banging and Vinny loved it!!! We hope to visit Prague again someday, maybe for an anniversary as it will now always hold fond memories for us thanks to all your hard work.

Best wishes

Hayley and Vinny


Stephen + Dawn - Old Town Hall 11.9.2008

To Ladka,

Thank you for all your hard work, we are very grateful

love Dawn and Stephen


Ryan + Leslie - Vrtba garden 8.8.2008

Dear Ladka,

Thank you so much for all you have done to make our wedding so special! We can´t wait.

Leslie + Ryan


Dear Ladka,

We just arrived from our honeymoon and couldn´t wait to tell you how appreciative we are of all that you did to make our wedding a wonderful event! Everything was above and beyond our expectations! Thank you for all of your attention to detail. You were so helpful, professional, and friendly every step of the way. Prague was a beautiful and the Vrtba Garden was the perfect setting for our special day.

Thank you again and again for everything!!

Ryan and Leslie


David + Rachel - St. Thomas church 30.5.2008

Hi Ladka,

We just want to say a huge Thank You for all your help organising everything, you are amazingly skilled at your job. The wedding was absolutely fantastic, everyone who came truly enjoyed themselves and people want to know if we can do it all again next year! Your level of service when we were in Prague was exceptional, your calm, reassuring attitude really made it easy for us to concentrate on our guests, enjoy ourselves and not worry about any of the details. The whole day was magical, and the reception was an absolute blast, we are so happy you came to share our day with us as without you it would never have been so perfect. Thanks again and we´ll look forward to partying with you again soon in Prague

David and Rachel


Mark + Emer - Petrinske terasy 13.5.2008

Dear Ladka,

Thank you so much for all your help and support. It all worked out better then we could have hoped for.

Thanks again

Best wishes for both your future

Emer and Mark


Mark + Trina - St. Thomas church 12.4.2007


On behalf of myself and Trina I just want to say thanks very much for all your help over the last 6 months and especially on our wedding day. Everything was perfect and we had an amazing day. You took care of everything just as we had asked. If any other couple is ever looking for a recommendation or talk to us about our experience, please five my details and I would be more than happy to recommend that they use Weddings In Prague. Thanks again for everything you did.



Hi Ladka,

Just wanted to say thank you for the photographs. They were absolutely fabulous. We couldn´t have wished for anything nicer. Thank you for all your help and for such a wonderful wedding. Best wishes

Trina & Mark


David + Elaine - St. Thomas church 27.12.2006


Thanks for all your help.

Lots of love Dave & Elaine


Stephen + Beverley - St. Thomas church 16.6. 2006

To Ladka,

Thank you so much from us both for such a wonderful wedding. Everyone fully enjoyed themselves & were amazed at how wonderful a wedding in Prague could be. Your help & organisation was so wonderful it made everything so easy. We could not have wished for a more perfect Wedding Day that everyone enjoyed. We would love to meet up if you are here visiting & will let you know when we´ll visit Prague. Thanks to you & all your dancing partners for a wonderful display.

Bev & Stephen


Eamon + Siobhan - St. Thomas church 29.12. 2005

Dear Ladka,

Many thanks for our wedding photographs & certificate, which we received. We wish to thank you most sincerely for all your help & hard work to make our wedding so perfect & enjoyable. You were a pleasure to deal with, and were so kind and professional. May we wish you all the best for the future, in your life & work.

Lots of Love : Siobhan & Eamon (Smyth)


Alexander + Rachel – St. Thomas church 27.5. 2006

Dear Ladislava,

Just a little note to thank you for all of your hard work and help with the preparations for our wedding day. We had a fantastic day and some really lovely memories. Good luck with expanding the business and we wish you all the luck in the future.

Rachel and Alex


Bryan + Carolann - St. Thomas church 17.3. 2006

Hi Ladka,

I would like to thank you for doing such a great job for us and making our day so perfect. Everybody who turned up has commented on how well organised and how fantastic everything was. And that would not have been the case without you. Should you ever need any recommendations from this side of the water just let me know. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone getting married in Prague.

Love Caz


Colm + Clare - St.Thomas church 3.9. 2005


Thank you so much for creating our magical day in Prague. Everyone had a superb time + this is all thanks to you All our love

Colm + Clare (Mr+ Mrs Martin!)


Brendan + Lillian - St.Thomas church 23.8. 2005

To Ladka

We just want to say many thanks You were the best personal assistance that any one could ask for. We had a great wedding day. Thanks

Love from Brendan and Lilien O Brien


William + Rosaleen - St. Thomas church 11.12. 2004

Hi Ladka,

First of all, hope you are well! We have been thinking recently of the great time we had last year in Prague!

We´re having a great time on honeymoon! Florida is great, lots to do here. Hope you have a very happy Christmas & New Year 2005! Thank you once again for making our wedding perfect in Prague. Hope to meet you again in the future!

From William & Rosalleen Kenny


David + Helen - Old Town Hall 2.9. 2004


Just to say thank you so much for making our wedding day so special & perfect for everyone.

Love David & Helen


Mark + Nichola - St. Thomas church 14.2. 2004

To Ladka

Many thanks for all your help for making our day so special

From Mark + Nichola


Steve + Barbara - Zofin palace 8.11. 2003

Dear Ladka

Thanks for everything you have done for us, you have truly made our stay in Prague wonderful! Thank you so much

Barbara + Steve Clarke


Andrew + Lisa - New Town Hall 5.9. 2003


Thank you for all the assistance you gave to us, it was very much appreciated.

Lisa & Andy


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